Monday, January 5, 2009

Gentleman's outfit - Waistcoat

After the mind was changed for the 5th time, it was finally settled that the rust colored linen was going to be for waistcoating purposes. Earlier, while consulting some paintings and photos, I'd noticed the lighter color was always the waistcoat while the darker the frockcoat and breeches. That answered all questions as to what the fate of Rust was going to be.

A good friend loaned the pattern out to me and by pure coincidence her DG and mine are the same size (thank the Maker!).

It was the Janice Ryan waistcoat pattern and from those who've had prior experience working with her patterns, at times it gets a bit confusing. Understanding the placing, cutting, and marking was pie, but the interfacing and the pocket flaps were less than to be desired. By the by, there was no interfacing piece (don't we all have that problem of losing pieces...), so one had to be constructed which was fairly simple.

It also looks as if the pocket flap is MIA, so not diving into that part yet, will pray tonight and check tomorrow to see if that piece is there.

But overall, it was a productive day. Backs are sewn together, fronts with the constructive (hopefully not destructive) interfacings are sewn together, and the pockets are cut. Should be finished with it either tomorrow or Wednesday and then on to bigger and *better* things.