Monday, January 5, 2009

Fabric Distributor Spotlight - 18th C.

Hello All,
Out of the array of different online fabric sellers, there's one a bunch in my reenacting circle go to to peruse the collections. Duran Texiles AB, distributor out of Sweden, specializes in 18th century reproduction cottons and silks. They have done extensive research on the designs and colors used in 18th century Europe. The website is part in Swedish, part in English but it's easy to get through.
I'd suggest before you start looking at the fabrics themselves, you go to the button that says 'Bilder'. There are dozens upon dozens of photographs of the Swedish Royal Family modeling 18th century frocks made with the fabric they currently sell. It's a fantastic reference's right. Besides looking at original paintings, sites like these will help you when you're next at your local fabric store.
As for ordering from them, it is a bit tricky. They don't show prices and you would need to email them about which fabric you're looking at and at what cost.
Happy Browsing!

-Lady Pohick
Image taken from Duran Textiles AB