Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Long Overdue

Hello folks,
Can't believe it has been almost a year since my last post and my has it gone fast. Life got in the way, including a few trips across the pond, that I lost track and sadly quite forgot about my blog until the Doctor (not Doctor Who) reminded me. Thank you.
As for an update on my sewing projects. The waistcoat turned out to be too small, and, with most things that don't turn out as they should, I put it aside. It only needs a larger back piece which is no problem, but procrastination and pure forgetfulness was the verdict. It will be revisited in the New Year.
I've been in England for these past three and a half months and have found enough time to make a 17th century gown. My DG and I were planning on going to an English Civil War event in the northeast of England and I came to the realization that an outfit was needed. So, the quest for making one began.
One of the women from the unit draped the bodice pattern for me and from there I was left to make it alone. Not used to a whole non-patterned project, I managed fairly well (if I do say so meself). Got some nice light green wool for my birthday and was off!
The gown being made for the event was based from late-Tudor pattern books, so it's a rather early gown for the period, but used. Since I'm portraying a camp follower of the period, the color chosen was not too wise. It's light green, which means that the fabric was dyed twice. A lower class woman and/or wife of a soldier would have only had enough money to purchase fabric which was dyed once, ie. a light blue, light red, light yellow, light taupe, etc... Purple was the most expensive as true in the 18th century as well.
I was nearly half way finished when I realized my color choise, but the gown will be used mainly for banquets. Will make a 17th c jacket for camp events.
As usual, last minute, I was finishing the hem of the skirt, of the sleeves, and the front in the car en route to the event. The front wasn't quite finished when we arrived so I managed to tack it in place with pins.
Turned out to be a nice street event in a walled city. I now have a bit more time to finish the gown properly and will be fully ready for the next event.